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30-38 B-E
32-38 E-GG

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Regal Goddess
32-38 C-F
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Fashion Lined Bras

Fashion bras change with the season and often arrive as a one time only style or colour. It is a mistake to believe that a good quality, properly fitted, fashionable bra isn’t as wearable as an everyday bra. While the prints and embellishments are less conservative then their basic counterparts, fashion bras offer the same support and shape. 

Lined bras are thicker than unlined bras as they are lined in an even layer of foam. They do not have the padding that can make the breasts look bigger. Women love lined bras because they help conceal nipples and they give a great shape.

Shown is a small sampling of Tryst’s selection of fashion lined bras. Please keep in mind that these sell out quickly so be sure to visit early in the season for the best selection of sizes.

*Only a small selection of product show here. There is much more in the store.  Call ahead or come in to see what is in stock.