Freya Swimwear
32-38 DD-GG
Maaji Swimwear
Assorted collection
Freya Swimwear
Pier in Iris
32-38 DD-JJ
Panache Swimwear
32-38 E-G
Cleo Swimwear
30-36 DD-G
Cleo Swimwear
30-36 E-G
Fantasie Swimwear
Koh Samui
34-40 F-GG
Fantasie Swimwear
32-38 D-F
Freya Swimwear
32-38 DD-H
Freya Swimwear
30-36 DD-F

All Swimwear is 50%-70% off

It is just as important that you look good in a swimsuit as it is to look good in your bra. After all, more people will see you in your swimsuit than any of your other undergarments. That is why Tryst carries bra sized bathing suits and offers the same professional fittings as you would get when purchasing a bra.

Choose from the more modest one piece or bare more with a bikini, Tryst carries swimwear in D cups and up. Express yourself with prints, colours or solids, there is always a variety to choose from. You can even add a matching wrap or skirt.

Swimwear is ONLY at our Eglinton location

Our Swim War Wash combines the same gentle formula with an additive that neutralizes chlorine by turning it into a natural salt then washes it away.

*Only a small selection of product show here. There is much more in the store. Not all products carried at both locations. Call ahead or come in to see what is in stock.